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Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

  The Grub Hub is the Ultimate Camp Box!r-brown-white.png

 The Grub Hub was inspired by a family boat camping trip to Lake Powell and developed from years of outdoor experience. The portable kitchen organizes, stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in less that 3 minutes to provides the ultimate portable camp kitchen and campsite HUB. Forget the camp box plans and budget substitutes! The Grub Hub is engineered to be stronger, lighter, faster and more organized than any ordinary camp box / chuck box / patrol box.

The Grub Hub Mesa I outdoor kitchen unfolds in 3 minutes to provide sturdy table space, complete gear organization, stove platform, lantern tower, camping sink and everything else needed to really enjoy camping anywhere including dispersed camping.

Pack for your next trip in minutes instead of hours. Forget sorting and packing all of the outdoor kitchen gear such as stove, lantern, pots and pans, plates and mugs, condiments, utensils, paper towels, lighters, can opener, etc. The Grub Hub is the only portable kitchen that organizes, stores and hauls everything then unfolds in minutes to create the ultimate outdoor cooking station.


Rugged portable Grub Hub camp kitchen


Organize Your Next Adventure! 

Forget rummaging in bags and bins and plastic totes for your camping gear and using rickety camping tables with no place for lighting or water. Whether you call it a camp kitchen or camp box or chuck box or patrol box the Grub Hub Mesa I gives you the QUALITY and CONVENIENCE needed to really enjoy a lifetime of outdoor adventures. Get a Grub Hub and get out there!

This is the Grub Hub Online Store. For more information visit www.grubhubusa.com.



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