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Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

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The Modern, Rugged, Ultra Portable Camp Box

  • Grub Hub Camp Kitchen as Shipped.
    Grub Hub Camp Kitchen - Mesa 1
    $379.00 $329.00
        The Original, Patented and Award Winning Grub Hub® camp kitchen is the Ultimate Chuck Box for Any Type of Camping! It is also the single best way to make your...

  • Range Roller dispenses paper towels while protecting from wind, dew and light rain. Essential item for camping anywhere. Great for camp, RV or shop. 

Does NOT fit on Grub Hub tables because of 3/4" plastic buckle size but makes an outstanding accessory for home, camp or shop. Great addition to any camp kitchen system.
    Range Roller Rugged Paper Towel Dispenser
    $17.95 $15.95
    The Grub Hub Range Roller is an ESSENTIAL camping item! The Range Roller solves the problem of having paper towels blow away or get wet in rain showers or morning dew. Organize ANY outdoor kitchen, RV or workshop with the...

  • Grub Hub Fire Grate and Utensil Package
    Grub Hub Fire Grate and Utensil Package
    $23.92 $17.95
    FIRE GRATE AND UTENSIL COMBO! Lightweight, portable grate for cooking over campfire PLUS nylon utensils. Fire grate stores in the back panel of the Grub Hub.  Utensils fit perfectly on Grub Hub utensil rack. Gire...

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