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Grub Hub® Camp Kitchen

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The Worlds Most Organized and Portable Camp Kitchens and Campsite Hub. 

  • Grub Hub Camp Kitchen as Shipped.
    Grub Hub® Camp Kitchen - Mesa 1
      The Grub Hub organizes, stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in less than 3 minutes to provide the ultimate camp kitchen and campsite HUB.  It provides sturdy table space,...

  • The Grub Hub Mesa 1 Camping Package delivers the accessories you need that are chosen to work well with the Grub Hub while saving over $65.00! Includes camp stove and water system.
    New! - Grub Hub Mesa 1 Camping Package
    $554.76 $489.00
                New! - The Grub Hub Camping Package Includes accessories made to work with the Grub Hub and saves over $65.00!  Enjoy special pricing for package deal that...

  • Original Grub Hub box with all foam and instructions needed for return shipment. Box is shipped to you flat.
    Grub Hub Return Box
    Original box for shipping or returning Grub Hub. Includes foam and packaging instruction.   WARNING: Failure to follow instructions will likely result in product damage.

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